the Cowboy's Devotional SERIES

For years I tried to find an authentic cowboy devotional book that was written by a working cowboy that also loved Jesus. After much searching and not much luck - God said to me, "You write one"! So, that's what started me down this awesome trail.    



Tied On The Cowboy's Devotional 

{52 week devotional}

Written for my friends who don't like to read, Tied On is a weekly devotional book that through short, relevant daily readings, the reader will grow in their knowledge of God's purpose for their life. 

The Maker's Mark - The Cowboy's Devotional 

{40 day devotional} 

The Maker's Mark takes the reader a step further by providing 40 daily readings that are a bit grittier and even more encouraging. 

"Both books have been written out of my experience as a day-working cowboy for some of the best ranches in NW Oklahoma and West Texas, and from following Jesus for over 3 decades."  


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